Welcome to LQY's Blog!

Welcome to Qin-Yan Liu’s Personal Blog Site.
I’ve tried plenty of blogging software so far:

  • static Markdown / reStructuredText to HTML generators:
    • Hugo
    • Hexo
    • Jekyll
    • Sphinx
  • dynamic, PHP based, with a online management UI
    • WordPress
    • Typecho

Having played with Discourse for a while and found it really powerful and handy, I come up with the idea of using it as a blogging software, or more specifically, a content management system (CMS).

I host it on my own computer to enjoy a low latency editing experience and abundant storage space, rsync data periodically to a never-powered-off computer (a.k.a server), and use CloudFlare Argo tunnel to expose it to the public.

See also FAQ - LQY's Blog .

It is worthwhile to record the steps to setup Hexo with Icarus theme and an online editor hexo-admin for reference.

# with git and npm installed
npm install -g hexo
hexo init lqy.me
cd lqy.me
git init
git submodule add https://github.com/ppoffice/hexo-theme-icarus.git themes/icarus
hexo config theme icarus
npm install --save bulma-stylus@0.8.0 hexo-renderer-inferno@^0.1.3 hexo-component-inferno@^0.11.0 inferno@^7.3.3 inferno-create-element@^7.3.3 hexo-admin
rm _config.landscape.yml
npm install hexo-generator-feed --save

# modify _config.yml and _config.icarus.yml

# run server
hexo server

# generate static files
hexo generate