Debugging experience / code references

git clone hangs

After adding verbose switch: git clone -v, we get:

Cloning into 'pytorch'...
POST git-upload-pack (175 bytes)
POST git-upload-pack (chunked)

According to StackOverflow:

This is a bug in Git; when using HTTPS it will use chunked encoding for uploads above a certain size. Those do not work. A trivial fix is to tell git to not chunk until some ridiculously large size value…

Add this to ~/.gitconfig:

        postBuffer = 157286400

move python/conda environment

use file to exclude binary files

find .  -type f -print|xargs file|grep ASCII|cut -d: -f1|xargs sed  -i 's/OLD/NEW/g'

Hint: In Windows, use pycharm Ctrl+Shift+R to do global replacement

git init submodule

git submodule foreach --recursive git submodule update --init 
git submodule update --init --recursive