Casual thought on buying a house

Many people cannot get rid of the fate of becoming a slave to house mortgage, though they studied hard and worked hard.

It is a pity that the single child in a Chinese family receives parents’ large amount of money to buy house, while the money could have been spent on improving its parents’ well-being. (I myself once said to my parents that I will not receive their money to buying a house, but now I think I was boasting, dreaming and joking.)

The gigantic amount of money needed for someone to live according to normal social conventions, including getting married, buying a house, raising kids, is a huge burden that makes people feel hopeless and desperate, and forcing them to make money by hook or by crook. However, money worshipers will inevitably fail when being too eager to make a fortune

Don’t be blinded by fancy trends. For example, if you are ever inclined to buy expensive cellphones which are advertised to be smart, you are hooked! If you feel lost in surfing the Internet, indulged in satisfying you desire for things that require little or no effort of understanding, you are addicted! You are losing yourself, addicted to poison in the society.

Fancy commodities mean nothing to human beings. One should use intellect to solve problems and benefit other human beings, instead of thinking about having anything fancy (food, electronic devices, education, degree, etc.) and showing off in front of others. One should not live with ease, instead one should do things that require high intensity of mental work, thinking and creating new things (or in novel ways), which pushes our society forward.

Do not expect anyone to save you or show mercy – only you can save yourself. A truly real brave man looks forward, with lessons learned from the past. It is no use crying over spilt milk.